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Mixfood Biotech Corporation is a worldwide food ingredients & food additives supplier headquartered in Shanghai Metropolis. With a starting team of more than 10 years' expertise in food industry, Mixfood Biotech Corporation has become a professional supplier committed to providing food ingredients, food additives and chemical raw material globally. We also provide application solutions in beverages, spices, meat and bakery.

With focus on supply chain management, expertise on marketing of food ingredients and food additives, Mixfood Biotech Corporation should be your preferred business partner from China. We do the hard work for you by deliberate selecting the most qualified products, manufacturers and logistics from China with our professional resources locally, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to meet the unique needs of your business on every order, from packaging to deliveries. You are rest assured of the delivery with promptness and efficiency.

Our manufacturing partners comply with the ISO standards and have been audited and approved by some of the largest companies from within the top Fortune 500. Mixfood Biotech Corporation has strategic partners both in Middle East and Africa, extending full supply chains to these markets with substantial facilities and resources, which enables perfect delivery from China to customers in above-mentioned areas. Moreover, we are working hard to become a professional food ingredients and service provider with profound understanding of SPR /SAR. (Structure-Performance Relationship, SPR; structure-activity relationship, SAR)




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